Apparently someone reads this blog. My apologies.

Huh. Somebody linked to my post on hacker news, which resulted in some interesting comments. Some of them are fairly insulting, but, hey, whatevs.

Mostly, I feel I should clarify: I tend to write a certain way on this blog. The post in question was deliberately bombastic; it was reflecting a certain frustration I often feel with Ubuntu in general (yes, I should have more appropriately titled the post, shut up). A lot of people mentioned “why didn’t I do x, or y, or z” or “He didn’t know X, y, or even Z” and my point was more, “Why doesn’t cat > /etc/motd just work?” – followed by a lot of other questions. I wouldn’t say that it was written out of nerd rage: it was more written deliberately in an inflammatory style. Yes, obviously, looking at /etc/motd would have shown me it was a symlink, and yes I could have just removed it: you’re missing the damn point. What’s the point in telling a rabbit hole story if you just fix the problem and forget about the underlying issues that cause it to begin with?

Notice: compact(): Undefined variable: limits in /srv/web/ on line 853

Notice: compact(): Undefined variable: groupby in /srv/web/ on line 853

Notice: compact(): Undefined variable: limits in /srv/web/ on line 853

Notice: compact(): Undefined variable: groupby in /srv/web/ on line 853

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  1. Fuck the haters, bro. They’re attacking the tone of the piece rather than refuting the central point. Keep up the good work.

  2. Your message is dead on, and I *liked* the style. You called it true, they broke the “consensus paradigm” with no warning and for no good reason other than they wanted to. *And* they didn’t document it (the old man pages are still there and incorrect.)

    I wholeheartedly support “out of box thinking”. But Jebus, *thinking” is part of that equation. Do what you do for a good reason, after you’ve considered the pros and cons. Do some analysis, build some consensus.

    But then, I’m a curmudgeon, I’ve been suspicious of the RAM and CPU usage of every UNIX release past 4.4BSD.

  3. read the blog and found myself mostly agreeing with the (heartfelt, I’m sure) points you made.

    on the up-side, you needn’t worry about Xubuntu users’ opinions because, apparently, users do not exist. proof? run ‘who‘ in (XFCE) Terminal and get — nothing. 😉

  4. This is funny that you got flamed for pointing out what a total mess these “smart ideas” are.
    Anyway, thanks. I had not dug into the issue yet since it was really awkward to see something kept messing with those files that are totally *not* in the distro turf, but normally always site-local.

    I’m still pondering if I should go integrate my motd with update-motd.d or whatnot.
    I guess IF I tried that I’ll find the next Ubuntu update will wipe my changes, so I rather won’t bother.

    I’ve never seen such a chaotic unstructured mess.

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